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Why Does A Garage Door Rust And How To Prevent It?

You just installed a new garage door or repainted your old one. You notice rust spots on the door or rusty edges as you walk through the garage. What was the point of spending all that money on a new garage door or a fresh coat of paint?

One thing to remember is that water can cause rust on a garage door, and salt speeds up the process. There is no way to permanently rust-proof metallic surfaces because salt is abundant in water and in certain environments.

Unless your door has years of rust damage, it is safe to use. So, first and foremost, do not panic and assess the cause of the rusting. No door, new or old, is immune to it. However, by doing a garage door service from a reputed garage door company with a fresh coat of paint and oiling of the joints on regular basis, you can postpone the rusting process.

Rust is a common issue for nearly every homeowner. Furthermore, it makes no difference how long it has been since you installed your new door by a garage door specialist or how old the coat of paint is. Rust accumulation, in particular, is more of an environmental factor than anything else.

Read and follow the instructions in Garaga’s maintenance guide given by your garage door repair specialist in Aurora to keep your garage door in good working order.

Garage rust – causes

Environmental Factors Causes Rust

Because salt is a major contributor to rust, your environment will significantly impact it. If you live near the ocean, the salt blown by the wind will rust your garage door. When you live in a cold climate, the ice that accumulates on your door will cause rust. Additionally, living in humid or damp areas increases the likelihood of rust on professional garage doors. A layer of orange-colored pollen can accumulate on your garage door spring. As a result, you should wash it with warm water to see if pollen was the cause.

Door Quality

Although you may not consider metal quality important, rust is a type of corrosion caused by oxygen. When iron reacts with oxygen to form iron-oxide, garage door rust is formed. The lighter and thinner your door is, the faster it corrodes. As a result, the quality of the door is something that cannot be compromised.

Too Much Dirt In The Joints

If you don’t clean your doors, they’ll rust faster than usual. Oiling the joints, dusting the door, and servicing the mechanism regularly will keep it rust-free. If you don’t have time or are out of town, you can hire Aurora’s garage door repair expert for a garage door clean.

How to prevent the garage from rusting?

Rust is one of the most serious issues with steel garage door panels and hardware if left with poor maintenance. It has an impact on more than just the appearance of the door. It is also possible to prevent the common garage from rusting.

Choose galvanized garage door parts – It is preferable if all metal components of the system are made of galvanized steel.

Panel Protection – To protect your panels from the elements, apply a protective coat of paint. For best results use latex-based external grade paints on steel surfaces and ensure it’s completely dry before applying any other treatments or chemicals

Friction Reduction – It is important to maintain the proper level of lube so that there isn’t excessive friction between metal parts and scratching their surfaces. This reduces the risk of rusting even further!

Cleaners – The regular garage door panels can be cleaned with a solution of one cup of detergent and five gallons of water. This will keep them looking new for years to come!

Many metal-damaging cleaners can damage garage door tracks and other components. This will cause a great deal of hassle for you when it comes to fixing these problems, as well as making sure everything else within range isn’t affected too!

Proper maintenance and regular inspection by a garage door technician is the best way to prevent rust from spreading. You should check your panels and hardware components for wear or tear, as well as any damage that may be present before it’s too late!

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