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Rolling Steel versus Sectional Steel Garage Doors

The steel rolling garage door is often seen as the more affordable of the two, but it’s important not to make assumptions about which type of commercial door will suit your needs. There are many factors that determine what kind of motorized panels fit into a building – from size and weight restrictions all way down to how much maintenance you want to be done on them over their lifetime!

Thankfully, our garage door repair company team at Spark Garage Doors Repair Aurora has extensive knowledge about all types of commercial garage doors. We’re here to walk you through the process and answer any questions that might arise. We have a few important tips for choosing your new garage door!

Rolling Steel Garage Doors – Pros

The durability of rolling steel doors makes them the perfect choice for commercial settings. You might hear people call them the overhead or roll-up doors, but they have a mechanism that retracts the whole thing into an easily transportable coil! Affordable, owner-friendly rolling steel doors are a great choice for any space. They’re applicable in both interior and exterior locations, and offer the versatility of being maintenance-free with an attractive & Innovative design that is sure not only to increase your property’s security but also insulation!

Sectional Steel Doors – Pros

Steel sectional doors are perfect for residential homes because they’re durable and offer great insulation. Heavy-duty sectional garage doors have wider panels than rolling steel and rest parallel to the ceiling when retracted; like their roller counterparts, they offer great versatility for your unique needs!

Galvanized steel sectional doors provide a range of benefits over their rolling counterparts. They’re relatively compact and durable, making them perfect for tight spaces or areas where violence may occur within the building structure itself. Additionally, there is insulation available depending on your needs!

Considerations Between Sectional & Rolling Steel Doors

The decision to choose between a sectional steel door and a roller door for your home can be difficult. It is important that you take into account all of the factors, such as performance in a range of applications or ease of installation–to ensure an informed choice!


Although there are many factors that go into determining how well a commercial garage door will perform, one important measure is its efficiency. With the high-efficiency metrics of some overhead doors, they can complete hundreds or even millions of cycles before wearing down.


When considering the best way to mount your overhead doors, you must first think about what type of mounting system will work for each individual situation. There are many options available including ones that require an overhead space or those built right onto stairs leading up into it!

The stainless steel sectional garage doors come with a variety of mounting options. For those who have limited space, there’s the vertical lift that brings your entire door up and out so you don’t need an expensive high entryway or lot size for parking spaces in front of the property where these are installed!


The one-piece construction of steel sectional doors means that you can purchase them in bulk and they will last longer than roller ones. You should also consider how long you’ll need the door for, and whether or not there will be maintenance costs attached to it in future years when considering these options thoroughly before making any decisions about which type of opening device would best suit your needs!


It is important to think of the size when it comes to designing your quality garage doors. You may need one that meets non-standard specifications, depending on how large or small an opening you have in order for everything to work properly and look aesthetically pleasing!


The rolling doors are a better choice if you want additional safety because their parts aren’t as exposed. They also require routine garage door maintenance services to ensure they’re secure and safe for use, which is why it’s important not just any traditional garage door will do–you need one that has been specially designed with your specific requirements in mind!

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