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The Most Important Garage Door Safety Features

In today’s ever-evolving home security landscape, garage doors have been completely revolutionized. From being able to sustain powerful winds and frigid temperatures to thwarting break-in attempts, these resilient entryways are leading the charge in providing maximum protection for your property. That said, they’re still vulnerable to the test of time.

Safeguarding your home and family is essential, so equip yourself with reliable garage door protection. Ensure that these garage door security features are checked annually with the help of Denver’s garage door repair company technicians for peak performance:

  • Manual Controls

An automated garage door is an intuitive, reliable solution for your home—but it’s important to also consider manual controls. A handy release mechanism allows easy access for emergency situations and power outages, so you can rest assured that you always have a way in. Manual control provides the perfect backup plan when electricity fails; providing additional garage door security during unexpected interruptions of service!

  • An Auto-Reverse Function

Safe and secure, your automatic garage door’s auto-reverse feature is a key component in protecting objects or people that may get in its way. Be sure to check it regularly by placing an object on the track – if the door reverses upon contact you can rest assured knowing everything is safe!

  • Garage Door Tracks

Garage door tracks act like bumpers in a bowling alley, helping keep your automatic garage door safe and secure. However, if these components become bent or misaligned due to excessive weight or stress outside of the design parameters of the garage door, it can lead to dangerous safety issues that must be addressed!

If your residential garage door is noisy, opens or closes unevenly, or won’t open and close completely – you may have a problem with the tracks. Fortunately, it’s easy to spot these signs of trouble so that repairs can be done quickly!

  • Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables work in tandem with your garage door spring system to raise and lower your door. When they start to fray, though, they put anyone in the presence of the door at risk for some serious whiplash, not to mention being crushed.

Luckily, though, garage doors come equipped with a second set of cables that can help keep you safe. Garage door safety cables are designed to minimize whiplash and act as a failsafe should your other cables give out on you. That being said, they can’t lift your garage door, so it’s important to take care of both sets of cables for your own well-being and convenience with the help of garage door service company technicians in Denver.

  • Movement Detection Technology

Finally, you should make sure your garage door’s motion detection technology is fully functional. Your door’s motion detection technology engages your door’s auto-reverse function.

By transmitting an infrared light beam as your door closes, your door’s movement detection technology safeguards your children. Your motion detector has an “eye” which must be kept clean. If it isn’t, it may not register any movement—resulting in a dangerous environment.

What Steps Should I Take To Ensure the Safety of My Garage’s Door?

Every residential garage door installation, repair, and check-up is deserving of modern safety features. If you’re ordering spring replacement, cable replacement, or even a garage door opener repair, make sure any children or pets are safely out of the way.

Your professional garage door was made to sustain bad weather, break-in attempts, and even small-scale collisions. That said, your door might take some damage over the years. Stay up to date with your property’s needs, and talk to your provider before changing any electrical components.

You should also check your smart garage opener’s batteries once every six months, and double-check your door’s structural integrity after any storm.

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