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Top Garage Door Repair Hacks You Should Know

Everyone tends to overlook things as long as they are working well. Just like garage doors.  People neglect Garage doors until they stop functioning and need repair. Then they hurry to call a garage door professional. 

Calling a garage door specialist is the right thing to do, but you should do it more often. You should call a garage technician for annual inspection and regular maintenance. This will reduce the frequency of repairs needed.

If you are a careful homeowner, you can still avoid repairs by following these simple hacks suggested by our Aurora garage door repair experts.

Top repair hacks for garage doors that you should know.

Before you call the garage specialist, you can try any of these repair hacks. If the problem persists, only the garage door repair company can rescue you.

Check your batteries 

This might seem silly to you but this is the simplest problem your garage door might face. The garage door opener operates on batteries and if these batteries are dead, it will not open or shut. 

If you have an automatic door with a garage door remote, then you must check the batteries and replace them. This is the common garage issue with a smart automatic garage controller which you can easily correct. So, if your garage door does not open or shut, first check the batteries and replace them.

Check the power

The next easiest thing to do is to check the power. If there is a power outage due to extreme weather, your opener’s motor might not work. If luck is by your side, your garage door system might have a manual override facility. This comprises a red handle at the end of a cord. If you pull this emergency release cord, the door moves up and down. 

Check the weather stripping  

The weatherstripping is a rubber seal that protects your garage door from weather damage. Even this weather stripping can suffer damage over time. If this happens, you will find water, debris, dust, and even rodents entering through your garage door. To prevent this, check your weather stripping from time to time and get it replaced. 

Defrosting your garage door

In cold weather, your door can get stuck. A simple hack you can adopt is to add salt to your weatherstripping. You can use kitchen salt or kosher salt. This simple trick can save you from further repairs and expenses.

Check the position of the sensors

An automatic garage door may have a wired sensor or wireless sensor. These have to be in the right position or your door will not open or shut fully. To correct this, check the position of the wireless sensor and see if they are pointing in the horizontal direction across the door span.

If you have a wired sensor, check if the wires are in place and in good condition. If any of the wires are loose or damaged,  mend them immediately by taping them.  

Check the springs

A garage door spring is a very small part of the door but one which can cause fatal injury if damaged. Your door might have a torsion spring or extension spring. Check both and if you find them faulty, do not try to replace them. Call a garage door repair service at once.

Lubricating the door’s hardware

Your garage door consists of solid hardware like hinges, screws, ball bearings, etc. These need lubrication periodically. All you have to do is to buy a good lubricant like WD-40 and use it to oil the roller, extension spring, hinge, etc. Do not use this silicone spray directly on the tracks as it will lead to dirt buildup.

All the above hacks can help you make your garage door quieter and more energy-efficient. You can try these DIY projects as basic first aid measures. But if you want to prevent garage door replacement, it is best to call a professional garage door repair company in Aurora like Spark Garage Doors for lasting results.

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