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What Are The Best Uses For A Garage?

When you think about all that garage space, it makes sense why so many people are wondering what to do with their empty garages. You might be surprised by some suggestions for utilizing this extra room! The garage is the perfect place to store all of your old furniture that you don’t have room for at home. Why not use it as an art studio?

There are many ways people transform their garages into something new and exciting, we just need to know where to check for these creative ideas! Fortunately, here are some of the best uses of the garage, explained by our garage door repair company experts in Denver.

Best Uses Of Garage

1. Storage

Homes on daily basis use their garages as storage spaces, but many people hardly ever use them at all. If you’re considering projects for your garage space here are some garage storage ideas:

  • Ceiling storage system: Install shelves near the garage ceiling to maximize your versatile space.
  • Bike lifts: A bike lift system is a great way to store your bikes in tight spaces. With ropes and pulleys, you can easily hook them up near the ceiling so they’re out of sight!
  • Door storage: To add more storage, use an up-and-over door. Attach mesh totes to the inside of it, fixed with brackets
  • Bungee rope bins: If you’re looking for a way to contain your sports balls while still letting them air out, try using some vertical bungee ropes attached across the opening.
  • Jars under shelves: The lids on your jars are perfect for storing small, easy-to-lose items like screws and nails! You can use the underside of each shelf as an accessory in this way.
  • Pegboards: The pegboard is a great way to make use of every inch in your garage. You can arrange items like fishing rods, and holiday decorations, however, you like and they will stay up!
  • Rolling bins: There’s a rolling storage bin for everything – from tool toters and power cords. You can pull it out when needed, pushing against walls or floors depending on where you need more space!

2. Garage Workshop

The garage is the perfect space for all your handy projects. You can do things like upcycle furniture or repair vehicles right in this clean and easy-to-dry area, which means that not only will you save money by renting out other areas of the workspace. It also has protection against rain/snow while working on these more delicate tasks!

The key to keeping your garage organized and efficient is using pegboards, vertical space, and shelving systems made specifically for garages or workshops. These tools will save you time by making it easy where-to find anything at a glance!

3. Entertainment

Invite your friends over for a summer night gathering in the garage. Add some decor like wallpaper, twinkling string lights, LED lights, or candles to make it an inviting space that is ready when you are! A little bit of preparation goes a long way toward making sure everything goes smoothly on game day so don’t forget about these important details before hosting:

4. Home Gym

Garage floors are often smooth and dust-free, which is perfect for an effective workout. You don’t need any equipment other than a floor mat or two weights to work out with!

5. Studio

The garage is the best place to store all your hobbyist needs. The concrete garage floor surfaces of this product make it easy to maintain and provide a professional look. Plus you can open up that door into natural light too if weather permits it-plus there are foldable easels or tables hanging around so every inch counts in this tight little package called ‘the Garage’.

6. Living Space Above the Garage

Homeowners have the opportunity to increase their property’s value by adding space that is conducive to living above an entire garage. Even a single-car garage takes up quite a bit of land, and you could increase the livable square footage in this way: build upwards on top!

7. Ideal Parking Space

Parking a vehicle in your garage might pose a challenge. Many garages offer tight fits and poor lighting, which can lead to damage as you attempt to park and damage it further with an expanding budget.

In order to maximize floor space, use overhead storage.

  • Tennis balls can be strung to your ceiling to serve as parking aids.
  • Consider a more advanced parking aid, such as a wireless parking sensor.
  • Improve the lighting to increase visibility.
  • Protective wall bumpers to reduce damage.

Considerations Before Making Changes

When embarking on a garage renovation, it is important to proceed with care. Before you start using your time and savings to alter your garage, consider these factors say Denver’s garage door repair service technicians:

Insulation: Proper insulation will make your garage usable all year round.

Lighting: Garage lighting is often poor. For a safe and well-lit workspace, you’ll need top-quality fixtures that provide the right amount of illumination for your needs!

Spark Garage Doors is here to help you give your garage the makeover that it deserves. With our variety of styles and lots of options, we will find a door perfect for any use!

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