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What Is Aluminum Capping For Garage Doors?

The prospect of frequent garage door maintenance frightens many. We worry about the costs while we hunt for the right garage door specialist to fit another layer of protection to our door.  But, not anymore for aluminum capping has arrived as the perfect solution to reduce our maintenance costs.

What is aluminum capping? Is this really going to protect our garage exterior? Will it ruin its curb appeal? Is it a difficult process? What will be the cost of labor for the installation of aluminum capping ?

Let us unravel the answers to all these questions, one by one.

Aluminum Capping is a must for Exterior Maintenance

Aluminum Capping is aluminum sheeting fitted to a wood garage door frame or window. Some call it aluminum cladding or aluminum wrapping.

The main objective of fitting this aluminum sheet to the wood frame is to protect the garage door from wear and tear due to weather or rough use. The wooden garage doorframe might warp in both sunny and cold weather. If the wood frame is not protected, you might have to be ready for a full garage door replacement! To prevent this,  it is wise to call a garage door repair experts in Denver and fit an aluminum garage capping.

Aluminum Capping- – the installation process 

Fixing aluminum cladding to a wooden door frame is easier said than done. The aluminum sheet must be cut to shape to follow the contours of the door perfectly.  Garage professionals use a machine called a brake to cut this metal sheet with precision. If this sheet is not well-cut, it will ruin the aesthetic appeal of your door. The poor installation of the sheet will also lead to a lack of curb appeal damaging the exterior aesthetics. So, always call an expert garage professional to fit your aluminum garage door capping for cleaner curb appeal and efficiency.

7 Best reasons to fit an aluminum capping for your garage door


Remember those weekends when you longed for a holiday but were forced to strip sand, and repaint your peeling garage door. Not anymore, for your aluminum garage capping is going to protect your door from damage from weather extremesabsolutely zero maintenance! All you need is a soft cloth, mild detergent, and water to clean the sheet once a week.

So, if you want your garage door to be free from maintenance,  opt for an aluminum garage capping at once. 

Best protection

Aluminum is a material resistant to water damage as it does not rust or corrode easily. Fitting an aluminum sheet tightly around your wooden frame will prevent it from cracking, warping, denting, or peeling. This metal layer will prevent the infiltration of water, dust, and debris through the bottom or sides of the door. For future wood maintenance, this capping is the best.

Seamless appearance for better aesthetic appeal

The level of the curb appeal of a garage has decided the resale value of your home. For an improved curb appeal, the exterior wood trim of your garage door must have fine lines and sharp contours with a seamless appearance. with aluminum cladding, you can get this improved appearance at minimal costs.

Extended lifespan for your door

The installation of aluminum capping will protect your door from inclement weather and prevent wood rot. This means your door will easily last longer for at least 5 years or more.

Better energy efficiency

Just a great appearance with protection is not enough for your door. your garage door must be well-insulated if you want to save on your energy bills. This energy efficiency can be easily achieved with the aluminum wrapping for your door.  This aluminum sheet acts as a barrier for your door from the outer elements and maintains the internal temperatures, thus making your door truly energy-efficient.

Cost savings

The average cost of an aluminum trim is between $8-$20 per linear foot. Even if you include the costs of labor and delivery, the amount would be far lesser than that of fixing a new door. With aluminum garage trims, you can definitely save on maintenance, repair, and replacement costs.

Better resale value

A well-maintained door fetches more value for your garage and home. The installation of an aluminum garage door frame cladding will definitely hike the value of your home.

Potential home buyers should always look for a house with garage capping. Or they should get a garage door aluminum capping for the long-lasting, beautiful, and elegant appearance of their doors.

If your garage door becomes worn out or even snaps, don’t be concerned. With inspections, maintenance, repairs, and all garage door services, you have a garage door repair service provider in  Denver you can rely on.

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