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What To Know About Replacing Garage Door Panels?

Many people consider their garage door to be an important part of their house because they use it several times per day when leaving or returning home. Garage doors are subjected to daily wear and tear, which can put a strain on the door’s internal mechanisms. Garage door panels may show physical signs of wear and tear on the outside. As a result, for damaged garage doors, you may want to consider garage door panel replacement or whole garage door replacement.

Can You Replace a Garage Door Panel?

If a garage door is damaged in a minor accident and only one or two panels are damaged, garage door panel replacement may be an option. Replacing only one or two garage door panels is often a simpler and less expensive way than repairing the entire garage door.

While replacing an average garage door is possible, it is usually unnecessary in cases of minor damage or wears and tear. A garage door should last about ten years before needing to be replaced by a Parker garage door repair professional. Most garage door replacements are reserved for more severe cases and only when absolutely necessary to maximize the lifespan of your current garage door and save you money.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Custom garage door panel replacement is intended to correct signs of potential damage by replacing single or multiple garage door sections. If only one garage door panel is damaged, replacing it may be less expensive than replacing several garage door panels or the entire door. Replacing a garage door panel on a budget can help homeowners maintain their garage doors and ensure the longevity of their investment.

Replacement of a Single Panel

If a single garage door section is damaged, you may want to consider a singular panel replacement to restore your garage door’s functionality and appearance. It is possible to replace a garage door panel without replacing the entire garage door.

Replacement of Multi-Panel 

If multiple garage door sections are damaged, you can replace them without replacing the entire garage door. For example, if two of four panels were damaged in a minor accident, replacing two panels rather than replacing the entire garage door may be more cost-effective.

If three or more of your panels are damaged, you may need to replace the garage door. In some cases, replacing the majority of the sections can be as expensive as replacing the entire garage door. As a result, it is sometimes preferable to replace the entire garage door so that you can enjoy a new product for roughly the same price.

Replacement of Color-Matching Panel

It is critical to color-match your garage door panels when repairing a garage door. With sun exposure, your garage door sections may fade or change shades slightly over time. In these cases, replacing a garage door panel without color-matching can result in an unappealing appearance, affecting curb appeal and the overall aesthetic of your property.

A professional garage door technician can assist you in replacing garage door sections while ensuring that the color matches your existing panels. Garage door repair services can ensure that new panels are installed properly and quickly, allowing you to have a functional and aesthetically pleasing garage door as soon as possible.

Garage Door Replacement

While there are numerous reasons to replace an entire garage door, the following are two of the most common indications that your garage door is damaged or broken:

1. Sagging Garage Door

Wooden garage doors may seem to sag, bend, or buckle without regular garage door maintenance or repair. Large gaps in the door when it is closed are frequently an indication of sagging, which means you might need to replace the entire garage door. Sometimes a weakly reinforced automatic garage opener will cause a sagging garage door.

2. Peeling Paint and Cracking Wood

A wood garage door’s lifespan can be extended and its appearance maintained with regular refinishing. A basic garage door’s stain or paint may eventually start to peel or crack, frequently as a result of rotting or failing wood. If you see cracks in your garage door panel, there may be moisture buildup or holes in the wood.

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