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What’s The Lifespan Of A Typical Garage Door?

Garage doors are an essential part of daily life. They do more than just protect the entryway to your garage and the interior of your home. They also serve a cosmetic function, making your home look lovely. With all these benefits, it is not ideal to leave your current garage door to experience the signs of wear before you think of replacing or repairing the damaged parts.

Always keep up with regular maintenance from overhead garage door professionals to avoid the general cost of getting a new one and increase the garage door lifespan. But how long does a residential garage last?

Average Garage Door Lifespan

Different garage doors have different warranties. Most garage door manufacturers provide a three-year warranty. The usage is also one of the factors that determine its lifespan. How many times a day do you open and close it?

Additionally, the common garage door’s overall quality, your local climate, and how dedicated you’ve been to its routine maintenance are also significant contributors to the door’s lifespan. With standard usage, it is safe to say that a garage door should last for 15 to 30 years. With proper maintenance, garage door openers should last up to 15 years before needing to be replaced.

Factors Contributing to the Lifespan of Your Garage Door

Your garage door keeps your car and other possessions secure, but it doesn’t function the same as a regular house door. There are numerous elements that affect its lifespan, some of which are listed below by our garage door repair specialist in Denver.

Maintenance: You need to do regular maintenance and servicing. Have a garage door expert look at the openers and inspect if there are any signs of rust or breakage.

Local Climate: Dallas occasionally experiences unfavorable weather conditions, including storms, strong winds, and even hail, not to mention the city’s chilly, snowy winters and muggy summers. The damage caused by exposure to all of these elements could significantly reduce the typical lifespan of your standard garage door.

Usage: The working mechanism of an automatic garage door is highly dependent on its garage door springs. The garage springs determine how many open or close cycles your garage door can withstand.

Price and Quality: Quality, which has a direct impact on price, is always the determining factor in the longevity of all quality garage doors. You can be sure that a premium garage door you purchase from a well-known and reputable retailer will last for the majority of its intended lifespan.

Torsion springs and Extension Springs

Springs primarily affect the working process of your entire garage door. They offer smooth opening and closing of the door. The garage door torsion springs are located above the garage door, while the extension springs run along the horizontal garage door tracks of the door. The door springs can be replaced, and the new ones may provide you with an additional 10,000 open and close cycles, extending the lifespan.

Material: Garage doors are made of various materials, each of which has a different lifespan. Wood garage doors, for example, have a lifespan of 15 to 30 years. Steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, and wood composite can all last 20 to 30 years.

Average life Expectancy of a 10,000-Cycle Garage Door Spring: Using the door about four times a day will reduce the number by half and give you only seven years. If you usually use your reliable garage door about six times a day, which is quite rare, it will serve you for only five years. Finally, even if you use it up to eight times per day, which is highly unlikely, you will only get three years out of your garage door.

The Importance of Professional Maintenance of garage

Maintaining your average garage door extends the life of the door and any other related components, such as garage door openers and garage door springs. Increase the lifespan of your garage door by regularly lubricating and cleaning the moving parts. Also, make sure the sensors are working properly, as they are the garage door materials responsible for the garage door opening and closing when there is an obstruction in the driveway.

At Spark Garage Doors, we have a professional garage door maintenance plan to help you stay ahead of all the damages and minimize your garage door repair costs. After installation, our garage door repair technicians in Denver also offer preventative maintenance services to our customers, especially those unfamiliar with the working mechanism of proper garage doors or who are uncomfortable handling the door.

Contact Denver’s garage door repair experts at (303) 928-2700 today for assistance and advice regarding your garage door.

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