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Why Is My Garage Floor Damp?

There are several common causes for your garage floor feeling wet. The most common is traditional condensation, also known as sweating (garage floor sweats). The problem could also be due to improperly installed concrete (excess moisture below the concrete slab). There is a simple test you can use to determine which type you are dealing with.

If the air temperature is moist and warm but the ground is cold, condensation is most likely. However, because concrete is a porous material, moisture from the ground can seep into your concrete floor slab. A change in your environment can also cause an increase in moisture content levels; for example, removing a large plant or tree from your garden will cause the surface water table in the ground to rise because the shrub is no longer using it.

Another reason is a lack of lining membrane or an insufficient level of damp proof course. Although it is common practice to install a lining membrane in new construction, it is still worth checking to see if this is the cause of your damp concrete and floor. If the damp-proof course is above floor level, the exposed brickwork will almost always be damp, affecting the humidity levels on your concrete floor surfaces.

How to know which damp issues I’m dealing with?

A simple test that can be used to determine the source of dampness is explained by our Aurora Garage Door Repair Specialists. Clear and brush a section of a garage floor to remove all debris, dirt, and so on. Cut a small square of plastic (approximately 10cm square) and tape it to the entire floor. Allow it to sit overnight.

Feel the top of the plastic in the morning. You have a sweating garage floor if the top of the plastic is wet but the concrete underneath is dry. If the underside of the plastic is wet, you most likely have an excessive moisture level problem beneath the slab.

If you’re having concrete floor moisture issues, try the following:

  • Using a dehumidifier reduces the dampness/humidity of the air.
  • Increase the temperature of the garage air.
  • Change the surface of your garage floor – Our Garage Flooring is an excellent option.

How Do You Damp Proof Concrete Flooring?

In an ideal world, damp proofing methods would be used during the garage’s initial construction phase. However, if these methods are unavailable or have failed in some way, here are some suggestions for resolving and sealing your damp garage floor.


We keep saying it, but a damp-proof membrane is one of the most basic methods of sealing a damp floor. This impermeable layer, which is installed between the hardcore and the concrete floor, prevents rising dampness. If your budget allows, you should consider having a new concrete floor poured.


A liquid membrane, like the one described above, will form a protective layer that keeps signs of moisture from reaching the concrete garage floor surface. Instead of inserting a sheet between the two layers, the liquid membrane is painted directly onto the floor, creating an impenetrable moisture barrier.


An epoxy floor covering, like an epoxy damp proof membrane, is painted on the surface of a wet garage floor, but two coats are required. Each coat must have a thin layer of film applied to it, and once the two coats have dried, the surface can be walked on directly and can withstand light traffic. Although it is most commonly used in industrial settings, it can also be used in domestic garages and on damp concrete surfaces.


We believe that avoiding all types of membranes is the best long-term solution to your damp garage floor issues! PVC floor tiles will completely transform your garage space and last a lifetime without causing dampness or coldness. Installing these over any type of garage floor creates a barrier that keeps both dust and dampness out while remaining durable for years to come.

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